Mocona Virgin Lodge was built on a 67-hectare private reserve and operates based on a strict environmental impact study that includes: water care, land preservation and respect for local culture

Mocona Commitment: 

Commitment is our social and environmental responsibility program. Its objective is to guarantee that our services comply with environmental and socio-cultural quality standards to develop sustainable tourism.

Mocona Virgin Lodge is against the exploitation of children and adolescents in all its forms and practices.

Preferred by Nature Certification:

Mocona Virgin Lodge has obtained Preferred by Nature certification, which ensures that a hotel complies with social, environmental and economic standards that preserve natural resources, protect wildlife, and help local communities prosper.

This certification is in line with global sustainable tourism criteria for the World Sustainable Tourism Council, the golden standard for such tourism.

Yaboti Reserve

The Yaboti Biosphere Reserve is one of the largest protected areas in Misiones. It covers an area of ​​235,959 ha, including public and private properties.

This reserve was created by law in 1995 and is part of to the UNESCO program “Man and biosphere”. The main objective of this type of reserve is to promote a balanced relationship between the population and its natural environment, in order to meet the needs of current and future generations.