Yabotí Reserve

Yaboti Biosphere Reserve is one of the largest protected areas in Misiones Province. It has a 250,000-hectare surface including public and private properties.
This reserve was created by law in 1995 and it is part of “Man and Biosphere” UNESCO program. The main purpose of this kind of reserve is fostering a balanced relationship between mankind and its natural framework, in order to meet the needs of current and future generations.
In Argentina, there are 13 reserves of this type, including Yaboti Biosphere Reserve; preserving one of the most important remnants of Parana jungle, also known as Alto Parana Atlantic Forest.
Inside Yaboti Biosphere Reserve there are other protected areas such as Mocona Provincial Park and several private reserves, among which you find Mocona Virgin Lodge by DOT Boutique.


Mocona Virgin Lodge by DOT Boutique was built in a private 67-has reserve and it operates based on a strict environmental-impact research including: water and land preservation and local culture respect as well.
At Mocona Virgin Lodge by DOT Boutique we are committed with our present and future; therefore, our main objective is generating ecological awareness and social commitment.
We foster, teach and transmit our sustainable practices to our guests so as to continue preserving Parana jungle with its natural cascades, streams, trees, native plants and typical fauna.

Mocona Commitment

Mocona Commitment is our social-environmental responsibility program. Its objective is to make sure our services meet environmental and socio-cultural quality standards to develop sustainable tourism.

Rainforest Alliance

Mocona Virgin Lodge by DOT Boutique obtained Rain Forest Alliance certification, stating that the hotel meets social, environmental and economic regulations by preserving natural resources, protecting wildlife and helping local communities to prosper.