Jungle Zip-lining


We get into the jungle differently. Guests may enjoy the experience of flying like birds among treetops on our 250-meter zip-lining; going over Oveja Negra Stream riverbed and the famous Horacio Fall. The activity is divided in two stages of 250 meters each. In the first one, guests fly at 55-meters high over Oveja Negra valley and in the second one, they will fly at 30-meters high over Horacio Fall; observing the jungle at its best with a seamless air view.

This experience lasts 1 hour and it has a low difficulty rate.

Water Fall Rapelling


The most courageous guests will have the chance to prove their adrenaline rappelling Horacio Fall canyon. By their side, they will have a 20-meter crystal clear water cascade, completing an outstanding landscape. This activity begins with a 200-meter walk to the first launching platform. Duration is about 1 hour and it has a mid-difficulty rate.

Oveja Negra Path (Horacio Fall)


Oveja Negra Path will take guests to the heart of Misiones jungle. Accompanied by a customized tour guide they will be able to interpret various flora and fauna species featuring Atlantic forest. The 2-hour tour joins “Oveja Negra” Stream with marvelous Horacio Fall.

Developing a mid-difficulty trekking you will experience an incredible feeling of being part of Yaboti Biosphere Reserve and get to legendary Horacio Fall. It is an 18-meter-high fall and you may see it from different stops. In this rest of the tour, guests may freshen up in the shores of the fall and, for those who love adventure, they may dive in the lagoon formed by the merging of “Oveja Negra” Stream and Horacio Fall.



Guests experience a unique contact with Yaboti Stream in our kayaks, sailing on crystal clear waters to where its mouth meets Uruguay River. There will be a photographic stop at Three-Party Viewpoint. Yaboti Stream is one of the most impressive water flows in the Biosphere Reserve. Calm and shallow waters make jungle reflection, covering the shores, increase the feeling of being part of the deep and infinite green.

The tour begins at Mocona Virgin Lodge by DON pier from which you go along 2,000 meters to where the mouth of the Yaboti joins Uruguay River in front of Brazil. This place is known as “Barra Pepirí”. Spectacular views of the river and Estadual Do Turvo Park, forces you to rest a while and enjoy the landscape. We finally go back to the hotel pier. This tour has an approximate 2-hour duration and the only requirement to do it is to know how to swim.

Fogón del Mensú (Special Bonfire)​


Contemplating sunset at the shores of Yaboti Stream is one of most pleasant and unforgettable experiences you may live in Mocona Virgin Lodge by DON. Every night, when the sun sets in silence, ease and jungle night magic become present.

Guests share a bonfire under the moonlight, where they may enjoy 2 typical meals in the history of Misiones: the “Reviro” and the “Ticoí”. Listening to tales, legends and regional myths, our guides will take you to the jungle’s magical world, introducing guests in our land’s ancestral past and people. Fogón del Mensú is an activity for all ages and an excellent opportunity to enjoy a moment of peace and full connection with nature while sun sets.